Tillson,New York

Last week, I applied online for an administrative assistant. The ad did not state that it was a ''temp'' agency.

I received an email from the secretary stating that Carol would not be around until the next week. I told her I was open availability and we booked for a 9:30 appointment. I didn't even know the secretary's last name. She did not give me any contact information.

No last name, phone number, address or their website. I had to google them. I arrived early and filled out the paperwork. Very simple information.

I currently work at Mcdonald's overnights and I am looking for a better position. Carol seemed very angry that I had a ''job'' already and did not want to help me. I had to explain that working overnights means that I have total open availability during the day and I have worked a day job and my overnight job together with no issues. I went to leave and told her I did not like the vibes I received from the receptionist or herself and she tried to make things better.

She said I did not get a call because I applied at a job fair which was not true. As I stated to her, I applied online and she had to check through her applications online to make sure. She said she had a job for the following week and I would need to get my own background check for this. I said I could probably get it from my past job but I called them and they said no.The woman on the phone was quite rude and transferred me to another receptionist when I first called back to say my last job could not give me the background check.

I wonder why it would be a difficult thing for her if shes been in the industry for 30+ years?

I really would not recommend their services. Adecco is bad, but this company is worse.

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Carrols temp agency is by far the worst agency I have ever encountered. They are not helpful at all

Cloverdale, Alabama, United States #743983

Sounds like you are just trying to make them look bad because you were not qualified for their jobs. Have fun with your night shifts at Mcdonalds until you change your attiude.

to No job #1008835

No they are very rude. I dont have a job and trying really hard to land a fulltime job to support my family.

Carol is very rude and looks down at you. Its best to avoid that company altogether.

to Anonymous Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1008848

You are responding to a comment on your letter almost 2 years later?

to DE #1009018

Thanks for the heads up. I'll look for other agency so I won't waste my time.

to DE #1013935

So what just had the same issue with them not to long ago. I'm surprised till this very day they are a horrible company to go by

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